Welcome to Western Photo Gallery

Western Photo Gallery represents an exceptional collection of fine art photography capturing the striking beauty of majestic landscapes,wildlife and culture of Western North America. In our galleries you will experience emotions of nostalgia and adventure through images portraying the vanishing lifestyle of the classic cowboys from rodeo and working ranch to the dignified Native American cultures.

Fascinating images of wild horses, North American animals, water fowl, birds of prey, wildflowers, trees and landscapes photographed in their natural environment comprise this special selection. Many of our National Parks, Monuments and Wildlife Refuges from the Western plains to the Pacific coast, Alaska and Canadian Northwest Territories to Texas are included in the galleries.

The professional photographers selected to contribute their remarkable images to this site dedicate many days trekking and camping in wilderness areas, often remote and inaccessible by vehicle. From the snow capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the burning sands of the Southwest desert, they patiently wait for perfect light and weather conditions to achieve the ultimate photo shot. By making these stunning recordings accessible to the world, Western Photo Gallery supports the artists in their continuous efforts and commitment to preserving the land and its vast diversity of life through artistic achievement.